Our Philosophy

G&L, Inc. (“G&L”) carries out the business activities of strategy consulting and marketing consulting. The personal information acquired from clients through business activities and personal information of our employees (hereinafter “Personal Information”), is essential information for G&L, and we recognize the reliable protection of this Personal Information as an important social responsibility. Therefore, G&L handles the Personal Information acquired through business activities in accordance with the policy outlined below, fulfilling our social responsibility and providing reassurance to our clients and employees with respect to the protection of Personal Information.

Policy Guidelines

G&L complies with laws and regulations, and properly manages and protects Personal Information handled during business activities, with the objective of operating and improving its Personal Information protection system, so that stakeholders such as clients, business partners, shareholders and our executives and employees can feel secure.
As such, G&L establishes its Privacy Policy as follows.

Management of Personal Information
G&L undertakes strict management of Personal Information by implementing necessary measures such as the maintenance and management of our security system and thorough education of employees. This enables G&L to keep accurate and up to date records of customers’ personal information and prevent unauthorized access to or loss, damage, falsification and leakage, etc. of Personal Information.

Purpose of use of Personal Information
G&L will use the personal information that we collect from customers to send emails and documents providing information, business correspondence and responses to inquiries.

Prohibition of disclosure or provision of Personal Information to third parties
G&L shall handle Personal Information collected from customers properly and will not disclose personal information to a third party except in the following cases:

■ When there is customer consent;
■ When we outsource services requested by the customer and the personal information is necessary for a third party to carry out the service.
■ When it is necessary to disclose personal information pursuant to laws and regulations.

Security Measures for Protecting Personal Information
G&L has thorough security measures in place in order to ensure the accuracy and safety of Personal Information.

Confirmation of Identity
If you wish to access, modify or delete your own personal information, we will respond to you after confirming your identity.

Compliance with laws, regulations and standards / Review of privacy policy
G&L will comply with Japanese laws, regulations and other standards applicable to Personal Information we possess, as well as reviewing the contents of this Privacy Policy and making improvements as necessary.

Please direct any inquiries about G&L’s Privacy Policy to:

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