Moving Forward Together


President Message

In the strategic consulting field, it is pure results and
not beautiful processes that are required.

G&L, Inc. specializes in comprehensively identifying each client’s uniqueness. We then examine ways to utilize this uniqueness as a tool, creating and maximizing corporate value. In other words, the only way to do this is to survive – to win – in the intense corporate playing field.

We consider all the options thoroughly, and without compromise, until we are sure we can succeed. It is this attitude that permeates everything we do and the secret to gaining unique know-how as our advantage. We believe this is the main reason why our clients choose us.

On the other hand, we always remain careful not to rely solely on this know-how. We consider the relevant data, theories and current trends whilst taking the know-how that we have cultivated into account. At the same time, we continuously work towards revising theories, keeping in mind future challenges, and we will continue to strive for success.

We have relationships with a diverse range of clients, from large corporations representing Japan to venture businesses with future potential. The majority of our clients have continued to renew their initial contracts with us as ongoing contracts. We believe that our philosophy of “Success” is linked directly to the “Value” of our clients.

Company President’s Profile
President and Representative Director of G&L, Inc. specializing in customer attraction strategies and marketing consulting.

Masato Tanaka was born in 1977 and graduated from Chiba University’s Faculty of Law, Politics and Economics, majoring in Economics.
ollowing graduation, Tanaka joined Watanabe Entertainment College (“WEC”), part of the Watanabe Productions Co. Ltd. Group. In his fourth year he was manager of the Public Relations section; in his fifth year he was the youngest person at the time to be appointed to Head of Division 1: Public Relations, Sales and Operations Management. By his sixth year Tanaka had turned WEC into the largest college of its type by student numbers, despite being the newest college to enter the industry.
In July 2010 Tanaka joined Huis Ten Bosch. In December 2012 at the age of 35, after working as the Advertising Department Manager, Sales Division Head and Executive Officer, he was appointed the youngest Sales and Marketing Director in the company’s history. Huis Ten Bosch, which had been running at a loss for the 18 years since its establishment, moved into the black and transformed into a company achieving an annual profit of approximately 10 billion yen.

In November 2014, after serving as an executive officer for 2 years, Tanaka left Huis Ten Bosch to establish G&L, Inc., a consulting company specializing in branding and marketing, in Minato-ku, Tokyo where he is the current President and Representative Director. G&L, Inc. has formed contracts with a diverse range of clients in different industries, from leading corporations to venture businesses, achieving positive results for all types of clients.

In May 2018 Tanaka established G&L International, Inc., gaining a wide range of clients from Europe, the United States and Asia. Tanaka engages enthusiastically in the business, giving public lectures and making television appearances.

Company Profile

Company name G&L, Inc.
Established November 2014
Representative Masato Tanaka, President and Representative Director
Corporate headquarters Centurion roppongi Tower 8F, 3-2-21 Nishiazabu, Tokyo
TEL: 03-6812-9077
FAX: 03-6812-9008
TEL 03-6812-9077
FAX 03-6812-9008
Corporate group G&L International, Inc.
Financial Institutions Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Akasaka Branch
Primary business activities Strategy consulting, marketing consulting, etc.
Company name G&L International, Inc.
Established April 2018
Representative Masato Tanaka, CEO
Financial Institutions Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Akasaka Branch
Primary business activities International strategy consulting and marketing consulting, etc. primarily in Europe and the United States.