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G&L demonstrates strength particularly in the three areas of attracting human resources, selling goods and services, and the rejuvenation/acceleration of business activities.
We also provide business matching and partnering with businesses as necessary in each field.
Together we will introduce you to businesses in the relevant industry or platform with high potential to improve results.
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    Including facilities attracting many people such as theme parks as well as tourism associations and municipal authorities, etc.

    G&L excels in the field of tourism.
    If there is such a thing as “tourism capability,” the disparity between regions is large, and the superiority or inferiority due to the size of tourism resources is clear between regions. In such circumstances, how to best present and create limited tourism resources is a prominent issue.
    We will use our unique experience and know-how to solve your problems by collaboration with the media, creation of content that is popular worldwide, and attraction of inbound customers from overseas mainly in the Asian region.


    Media, Movie & Music Businesses, Game Production Companies, etc.

    In a rapidly changing world, G&L has a proven track record even in the Japanese and international entertainment industries where there is great diversity. Although it is a prominent industry, there is in fact a lot of behind-the-scenes work that is required. In addition, it is important to always be on top of ever-changing trends and be certain to reach the consumers who have an interest in the products and services being marketed. We use constantly evolving marketing methods as appropriate for each situation.

    Therefore, we do not rely only on our domestic and international experience and results, or restrict ourselves to traditional marketing methods to reliably achieve goals. We look at how to solve each issue individually by responding to current trends and using our own unique approach.


    GMS, supermarkets, specialty stores, etc.

    G&L exercises know-how of “attracting customers and marketing” in fields other than tourism. The key factor for success in the retail trade is “location” and even after building a so-called space it is possible to recover sales or win back customers from competitors.


    Consumer-focused services, product sales, etc.

    G&L’s marketing know-how produces significant results, particularly for B2C businesses. Please contact us for advice regardless of the industry.


    For companies whose internal structural development cannot keep up with the ongoing speed of growth

    There are two problems that growing companies face. The first problem is not being able to secure talented human resources fast enough. This is synonymous with not being able to keep up with organizational improvements. The second problem is the constant possibility that one day growth will stop. If growth stops, the increased cost of human resources and fixed overheads will eat into profits. G&L can help rapidly growing companies in two ways. 1) By supporting them in the same way as an executive-class employee with extensive experience, and 2) To constantly be aware of opportunities and propose options to prevent growth from stopping. Companies cannot stand still.
    Suitable for: Companies who are growing rapidly but cannot keep up with securing human resources and internal structural development


    Losing ground to fierce competitors

    If you are feeling pressure from rivals in the industry or competing businesses but you think there is still time to fix things, please contact us. Is it best to face the situation head on or is it better to seek another way to survive?
    It is true that if you know the enemy and know yourself, as well as knowing the characteristics of the market, then you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. At G&L we will look at competitor analysis and similar businesses and propose the best way to proceed.
    Suitable for: Companies who are continually seesawing due to pressure from competing businesses and stores.


    The effects of branding and advertising are not apparent

    Do you follow the advice of advertising companies and TV station salespeople and spend a fixed amount on advertising, yet you’re not quite sure if it’s really working for your business? If you are looking for more effective advertising and public relations, please contact us for advice. We will rebuild your advertising strategy through various measures from media selection to evaluation of the company’s current situation as well as optimization of expenses. Company branding is not something that can be done by merely selecting the type of advertising media. It is not possible for an advertisement to advocate more than 100% of the service that can be provided (if it was then this would be false advertising). Branding development is accelerated by finding the right balance between the company’s mission and appropriate PR methods.
    Suitable for: Companies who have not been able to carry out company branding or companies who are not seeing results through advertising and PR.


    No matter how many times you explain them, people don’t follow the rules

    This may in fact be the key to everything. If you always see employees stop following rules after a few days, or if they say they understand but then do something different, this is when G&L can step in on management’s behalf.
    When the management is supported by a third party, it is possible for the company’s vision to spread quickly. Also, many companies are using consulting companies effectively to communicate things that were difficult to say to employees and raise issues that they were previously unable to.
    Suitable for: Companies whose rules are not being followed or whose vision is not clear throughout the company.

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