We accept responsibility for the challenges we take on


  • STEP1

    Contact Us

    Contact us via our Contact Form.
    After communicating by email, we will decide together with you the best way to proceed to Step 2.
    *If you would prefer to communicate by phone please write this on the Contact Form.

  • STEP2

    Identify Challenges

    In consultation with you we will identify the challenges that you are already facing and establish the specifics of what want us to do.
    At the end of this consultation we will provide a proposal outlining solutions to these challenges. If you decide to go ahead with these solutions, there is no obligation for you to contract with G&L, Inc. if you can implement the solutions yourself. This would be an inefficient use of your company resources.

  • STEP3

    Establishment of Contract

    Following the Step 2 consultation, we will provide a more detailed proposal (this can be by email, phone or in person). A contract will only be established at this point if you accept the detailed proposal.

  • STEP4

    Start of Contract

    We will begin providing consulting services based on the contract established in Step 3 and you can look forward to seeing results.

Contact Us

G&L will resolve the challenges you are facing for you.
Let’s start with identifying what those challenges are.